Lawn Moo-wers


Early in the summer, our lawnmower broke (my fault!) and a friend suggested we try using the herd to mow the lawn instead. I had been thinking about this in past years since the grass gets so long and it seems like such a waste of fuel and time when we’ve got hungry cows always looking for a nice meal.  So, we ran an electric wire around the house and all the things we didn’t want them to eat, such as the garden, and invited them in!

This week was the third time that we let the cows out this year to mow the front lawn, and it has worked marvelously! The first time, they even pruned up our lilac bushes to provide us with a nicer landscape. The second time, a cow gave birth right near the front door which provided a close-up view for our visiting German wwoofers.  Every time, they leave a well-trimmed lawn with hardly any effort from us.  The only drawbacks are having to clean up a bit of their “fertilizer” afterwards and sometimes being woken in the night by the sound of munching cows outside the bedroom window.  But we’re getting used to it.

We’ve got organic grass-fed chickens and beef available now in time for Thanksgiving. Please give us a call if you’ve got any questions!

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