An incredible winter!

Niels surveying the snowy fields

Niels surveying the snowy fields

Most everyone has been experiencing an intense winter this year.  The snow just keeps coming!  You may have heard that Dufferin County (where Toad Hole Farm is) was declared a state of emergency last week, but all is well at the farm.  The cattle have been close to the barn with extra straw bedding and lots of hay, and Niels is keeping the home fires burning (mainly so the pipes won’t freeze!).

We found a great blog post  on how to prepare grass-fed beef, along with some recipes, so check it out: (by the way, this isn’t written by Niels’ sister, Liz Pearson – but someone else who enjoys grass-fed beef!).

We’ve just sold out of our last beef for now, but we’re taking orders for our next round of sales.  We also love to hear your feedback, and we’re glad so many of you are enjoying our beef.


Four naughty “mooligans”


That’s right – we’ve got 4 adolescents “free-ranging” all over the farm! They were the crew born this summer (including those twins), and somehow they’ve figured out how to get through the electric fence.  So we keep encountering the rebellious youngsters in all the wrong places – on the laneway, front lawn, good hay field, etc.  Instead of hooligans, we call them “mooligans.”

We haven’t yet snapped a photo of the gang, but in the meantime, here’s a nice picture of Niels’ hay this summer. Brrr… it’s starting to get cold!

Hay hay hay!


After 3 long weeks on the tractor cutting, raking, baling and finally drawing in the hay, Niels has 337 big bales to feed his herd this winter! Whew!

There’s quite a few calves this summer cavorting with each other, including a set of twins. They are very cute and stay close together all the time!

Ice storm and maple syrup

Bulrushes coated in ice

Bulrushes coated in ice

We’ve been collecting and boiling maple sap down in the bush for a few weeks now, and this Friday’s ice storm seemed to make the sap flow even stronger this weekend! Here’s a photo of bulrushes coated in ice beside the Toad Hole pond. Another baby bull was born this week (that makes 3 in the past month!), so signs of spring are everywhere. Now where’s the warmer weather…?